The complete part identification and re-designing solution for manufacturers to unlock the full potential of Additive Manufacturing.

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Additive Manufacturing (AM) is switching from prototyping to end-use production and opening up new possibilities. Manufacturers looking to scale their AM production need new specialised tools to efficiently enable this transformation. Our automated part screening solution can be integrated into existing PDM, PIM & ERP systems and offers the following key features:

Part identification considering components’ supply chain, technical, economic, and (re)design potential.

Top-down (large data quantities) and bottom-up (single data points) part identification.

Get started with minimum data: Weight and material of items are enough to get initial estimates.

Up-to-date database of relevant end-use AM machines, materials, and manufacturing capabilities.

Machine learning assisted cost & pricing simulation with or without 3D models. Nesting visualisations for comprehensive make-or-buy decision-making.

Your item data stays with you and won't be stored on the cloud. We do not keep any of your data to comply with strict data regulations.

Our web app includes novel features to find AM business cases faster and easier, to check on the technical manufacturability, and to validate the redesign potential of your items.

Latest updates include:
- Adjustable AM price quotation engine
- break-even point estimates with CNC milling and injection molding
- redesign potential assessments for assemblies

We provide free-of-charge test subscriptions with up to 500 items and item-dependent full subscriptions of 25000 and 100000 items. Ultimately, identified items can be forwarded to our service provider network to execute the redesign and/or manufacture.


Our team

SelectAM was founded in 2020 by an international team of experienced AM experts, software developers, and business specialists on a mission to make the advantages of AM accessible to all manufacturers.

Portrait Niklas Kretzschmar, D.Sc.

Niklas Kretzschmar, D.Sc.

CEO & Co-Founder

Portrait Lukas Jakob Hafner

Lukas Jakob Hafner

CTO & Co-Founder

Portrait Eero Huotilainen, D.Sc.

Eero Huotilainen, D.Sc.

Data Expert & Co-Founder

Our advisors

Portrait Georg Bitarichvili, M.D.

Georg Bitarichvili, M.D.

Business Advisor

Managing Director Eco Scandic Oy

Portrait Ismo Mäkelä

Ismo Mäkelä

Technical Advisor

Managing Director DeskArtes Oy

Portrait Iñigo Flores Ituarte, D.Sc.

Iñigo Flores Ituarte, D.Sc.

AM Advisor & Co-Founder

Portrait Kalle Lepola

Kalle Lepola

Business Advisor

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