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Identify the optimal parts for Additive Manufacturing (AM) automatically, ensure their production readiness, and establish procurement links – whether through our service partners or your own AM ecosystem. Our software is designed to seamlessly integrate into your manufacturing strategy, providing scalable solutions that cater to your unique needs.

Elevate your manufacturing efficiency, reduce costs and time-to-market, and embrace the future of AM with our expertise.

Over a million estimates delivered to date

5% of identified AM business cases on average

Average savings of €9,750 per AM business case

Choose from 200 industrial AM systems for part identification

Reduce AM quotation times by up to 90%

Order parts from our service partner or produce them yourself

Discover a world of manufacturing efficiency with SelectAM – your gateway to a unique suite of features designed to identify and assess the manufacturability of parts. Whether you're uploading single components or integrating your entire part inventory in one go, our product offers a host of fundamental advantages:

  • Quick Setup and Local Data Storage: Experience rapid implementation and the convenience of storing your data locally
  • Swift Feedback: Gain valuable insights on parts by uploading just a few data points, streamlining your decision-making process
  • Flexible Costing: Tailor your experience by flexibly generating AM costs, AM prices, or your own AM quotations, putting you in control
  • Customisable Process Steps: Fine-tune your manufacturing process with customisable steps, nesting, and slicing, ensuring precision in your estimates
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We offer flexible subscriptions which align to the size and scope of your AM operations. You can start your journey with the Open-Access version, together with our experts through the AM Launchpad or sign up for an Expert plan right away.

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