Why should you be interested in Additive Manufacturing? Here are some of the benefits and new possibilities.

Delicate part only possible through AM

Revolutionise engineering with Additive Manufacturing (AM)

In the dynamic world of engineering, AM stands at the forefront of innovation, reshaping the landscape from prototyping to full-scale production. This advanced technology is offering unprecedented versatility in processing a diverse array of engineering materials tailored for high-performance applications:

  • Legacy components: Transform the production of existing designs, legacy components, and spare parts. With AM, experience a significant reduction in both cost and time compared to conventional manufacturing methods.
  • Design without limits: Embrace the freedom to create or redesign parts that were once constrained by the limitations of traditional manufacturing. AM opens the door to intricate, geometrically complex designs that are lighter, yet robust – designs that are virtually impossible to achieve through standard dies, molds, or machining processes.

Elevate efficiency, minimise costs: On-Demand manufacturing with AM

Transform your production landscape with AM – a strategic solution to drastically reduce operating costs while enhancing manufacturing efficiency. Whether for full-scale production or rapid prototyping, AM is your key to a leaner, more agile manufacturing process.

  • Swift and economical: Embrace the agility of AM in production, especially for low to mid-volume production runs. AM significantly reduces lead times and production costs, ensuring a resilient and flexible manufacturing flow.
  • Zero tooling, maximum savings: Say goodbye to the traditional constraints of tooling and its associated upfront costs. AM leverages direct digital manufacturing, where parts are created directly from digital files, eliminating the need for expensive molds or tooling.
  • Digital efficiency: Streamline your inventory and logistics. With AM, part information and related data are stored and transferred digitally, cutting down on physical inventory and logistics expenses.
  • Localised production, global standards: Deliver parts that meet precise specifications, produced closer to the point of need. This proximity not only reduces shipping times and costs but also supports a more responsive supply chain.
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Incorporate AM into your production strategy and experience a paradigm shift in manufacturing efficiency and cost reduction. It's more than just a technology; it's a competitive edge for the modern manufacturer.

Digital inventories: Pioneering the future of digitalised manufacturing

In the rapidly evolving landscape of manufacturing, the shift towards digitalisation is not just a trend, but a strategic imperative. The core of this transformation lies in the mastery of digital inventories, where CAD files and meticulously structured inventory data become the foundational elements of modern manufacturing processes.

  • Building a digital repository: The rise of digital inventories is revolutionising how companies approach manufacturing. By accumulating a robust digital inventory, businesses are lowering entry barriers and seamlessly integrating into the world of AM.
  • Efficiency and accessibility: A digital inventory not only streamlines the manufacturing process but also democratises access to production capabilities. It enables an efficient, agile, and cost-effective transition into AM, empowering companies to quickly adapt and respond to market demands.
  • The power of CAD: In this digital manufacturing era, CAD files are more than just design tools; they are the blueprints for future innovations. These digital assets allow for precise control, rapid prototyping, and customisation, paving the way for a more dynamic and responsive production environment.
3d model metal hull
3d model plastic cover
3d model metal rod

Why SelectAM?

SelectAM is revolutionising the way companies adopt AM, making the transition smoother and more efficient than ever before. Our platform is designed to unlock the full potential of AM in your organisation by offering comprehensive analysis tools that streamline your production processes:

Effortlessly simulate your entire part inventory to uncover automatic AM business case opportunities

We guide you through the selection of the most suitable industrial AM materials and systems. Our platform simulates manufacturing scenarios using various AM machines and materials, enabling you to assess the redesign potential, optimise production through different part nesting strategies, and evaluate all AM processes, including post-processing steps.

SelectAM helps you quantify the economic benefits of integrating AM into your manufacturing workflow. This analysis aids in improving your financial performance and accelerating your time-to-market.

Comprehensive cost analysis for AM adoption: Determine the total cost implications of switching to AM with our in-depth conventional manufacturing vs. AM analysis. Whether you're evaluating extensive part inventories or conducting single part-to-part comparisons, SelectAM provides a detailed, top-down or bottom-up approach.

Minimal data? No problem: Start your journey with even the most basic or incomplete data. SelectAM is engineered to work effectively with limited information, guiding you through the process of optimising your manufacturing setup.

No CAD files? No obstacle: Our platform doesn't require CAD files to get started. SelectAM is designed to accommodate various levels of digital preparedness, ensuring that any organisation, regardless of its current digital assets, can begin reaping the benefits of AM.

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