FINLAND – We at SelectAM have launched our first ever free-tier "Identify" software (1-month free trial) to help accelerate the adoption of Additive Manufacturing (AM), also referred to as industrial 3D-printing. Finding suitable and economically viable use cases has been a real roadblock and de-motivator for companies and engineers looking into the world of AM.

Based on the data from our research and customer projects, a small percentage of the parts that run through our process appears as a viable business case as they are today today. This means we’re helping our users to focus on the right parts and applications. In addition, since we also expand our assessment to supply chain critical parts and future business cases after redesigning the part or assembly for AM, a larger business case percentage is achievable. 

Our algorithm is tackling knowledge gaps and blocks, and we do it completely technology agnostic and securely in our web app (data saved only locally in your browser). We aim to help engineers, OEMs, design agencies, and R&D departments alike to validate and estimate which parts would make good candidates for AM and assisting them with the best selection of the applied AM technology.

We have heavily focused on embedding features like nesting, slicing, automated material mapping, and AM-process selection – which makes the business case calculations accurate and realistic. Also, if you have already 3D printers in-house, those can be embedded into the digital workflow to fine tune outcomes.

Latest features include:
- Embedded rapid slicer for all relevant AM processes
- Automated material mapping between conventional and AM materials
- Varying nesting strategies to optimize machine utilization
- Assess both single parts and assemblies, check on their redesign potential
- Establish your own machine and material equipment profile
- Surface roughness & tolerances
- Support of a wider range of input file CAD and data sheet formats

What’s next for SelectAM? We’ve launched the free tier of our SW for people to use and find long-term wins quick, and we look forward to hearing feedback on the features we’ve built to enhance the service.

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